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Huck 2025 Rivet Gun
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Huck 2025 Rivet Gun

Huck 2025 Rivet Gun

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Huck 2025 rivet gun pulls 3/16″ – 1/4″ blind structural rivets, 3/16″ & 1/4″ Magna-Grips, C6L Huck Bolts (separate nose assemblies required)

MFG Part #: 2025 Byler Rivet Part #: 5912025
MFG Part #: Huck 2025
Byler Rivet Part #: 5912025
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Product Description

The highly durable and versatile Huck 2025 Rivet Gun is designed for production volume fastening, and is the best tool to repair Peterbilt and Freightliner truck bodies – able to pull 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameter fasteners, as well as 3/8″ Hucktainers!

2025 Tool Variations

  • 2025: Stand-alone Rivet Gun #5912025
  • 2025-CABKIT: Cab Kit with (4) Nose Assemblies #5912025-CABKIT
    The Huck 2025-CABKIT includes the tool and 4 nose assemblies you will needed for repairs (and an assortment of fasteners to get you started):

    • Huck nose 99-1456 – for the 3/16″ steel Magna-Grips found over 70% of the truck body
    • Huck nose 99-1458 – for the 1/4″ steel Magna-Grips found bringing up the rear of the cab
    • Huck nose 99-3003 – for the stainless 3/16″ mirror-finish Hucks found on the grill
    • Huck nose 99-3487 – for 3/16″ and 1/4″ blind rivets for areas around the windshield, top of the steps, and attaching side mirrors

    Note: In addition to the above nose assemblies, the 2025 also accepts the 99-3464 Hucktainer nose assembly for FRP repairs and many other nose assemblies – see page 2 of our Huck 2025 / Huck 2025-L nose assembly table (89 KB PDF file).

  • 2025-L: Extended Piston #591202511
  • 2025-V: Vacuum Pintail Collection System #59120251


If you’re look for a heavy duty pneumatic rivet gun (air powered type of rivet gun) which pulls a wide variety of different sized rivets and rivet heads with optional nose pieces, then the Huck 2025 is the rivet gun you need! It has an ergonomically designed handle for quick rivet pulling that reduces operator fatigue! Whether you’re working in auto body repair, sheet metal or steel construction or other heavy duty applications this is the tool for the job!

  • Installs Huck BOM, Magna-Lok, Magna-Bulb, Auto-Bulb, Magna-Tite (discontinued), Huck-Lok, C6L / 120L pins & collars (excluding 8LC collar), Magna-Grip, and Hucktainer fasteners.
  • Huck 2025 Nose assemblies are sold separately.
  • Has an ergonomically designed handle.
  • Includes plated piston rods and efficient in-line piston.
  • An extended piston version (2025L) is available. Pt #591202511
  • Vacuum pintail collection system tool (2025V) is available. Pt #59120251
  • We are an Authorized Huck 2025 Tool Repair Service Center! Call us for all your riveting and fastener needs.

To put it simply, the Huck 2025 riveter is the one tool you need to accomplish a plethora of tasks! Also, to protect your investment, we recommend the 100 PSI inline air regulator be used for every Huck pneudraulic riveter!

Product Parameters

MFR Part #


Product / Tool Versions

Huck 2025 Stand-alone Rivet Gun Pt No 5912025, Huck 2025-CABKIT Cab Kit with 4 Nose Assemblies Pt No 5912025-CABKIT, Huck 2025-L Extended Piston Pt No 591202511, Huck 2025-V Vacuum Pintail Collection System Pt No 59120251

Bolt / Fastener Sizes

3/16″, 1/4″

Center to Edge

0.906 inch (23.01mm)

Compatible Bolts / Fasteners

BOM, Magna-Lok, Magna-Bulb, Auto-Bulb, Magna-Tite (discontinued), Huck-Lok, C6L / 120L Pins and Collars (excluding 8LC collar), Magna-Grip, Hucktainer

Cylinder Diameter

4.355 inch (110.62mm)

Flow Rate

8.5 scfm (241 lpm)

Head Length

8.370 inch (212.60mm)


12.536 inch (318.41mm)

Hydraulic Fluid

Automatic Transmission Fluid meeting Dexron III, Dexron VI, Mercon, Allison C-4 or equivalent

Operating Temperature

32 – 125 Degrees F (0 to 51.7 Degrees C)

Pull Pressure

5290lb. at 90 PSI (23.531kN at 6.2 bar)

Required Air Pressure

90-110 psi

Speed / Cycle

30 per minute


0.675 in.




5.75 pounds


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    Best tool on the market for setting Huck Bolts. Durable and Reliable. Byler always has parts in stock and can service it. Great price.

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Huck 2025 Rivet Gun Maintenance, Operation and Support

Huck 2025 Rivet Gun Maintenance, Operation and Support

Warranty Information

Manufacturer's Warranty applies on the above tool. See the 2025 Manual for Warranty information.

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