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Bulb-Tite Rivets

Gesipa Bulbtite Rivets fold into three separate legs, forming a large backside surface on the blindside of the application. The BulbTite Rivet has a high clamp force in soft, thin, or brittle materials, while providing high pull-through resistance. It can be used in aluminum, steel, fiberglass & other materials with a wide variety of thicknesses. With a large grip range, one Bulbtite rivet can be used for a variety of jobs.

  • Countersunk Bulb-tite

    Countersunk Bulb-tite

    RV6601 and RV6671 bulb tite rivets are both 82 degree countersunk heads. Available in aluminum and steel alloy.

  • Dome Head Bulb-tite

    Dome Head Bulb-tite

    RV6603 & RV6604 dome head series bulb tites have a raised crown on the head. Variety of rivet diameters available.

  • Flat Head Bulb-tite

    Flat Head Bulb-tite

    RV6602 series has a flat, nail head appearance. Bulbing in the back. Available in aluminum alloy.

  • Large Flange Bulb-tite

    Large Flange Bulb-tite

    RV6605 is often known as the "Butler Rivet." For metal buildings and other applications. In stock in aluminum alloy.

  • Low Profile Bulb-tite

    Low Profile Bulb-tite

    RV6606, RV6676, RV6696 contain a recessed crown. Available in alumininum and steel alloys.

  • Shavehead Bulb-tite

    Shavehead Bulb-tite

    RV6607 shaveable rivet series is designed to look like a 3/16" solid brazier head rivet when installed. Aluminum alloy in stock!