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Not All Brands are Alike …

We offer competitive pricing and in-stock selection of the best fastener, rivet and tool brands in the industry! We only supply ISO9001 and QS9000 certified manufacturers to ensure you receive quality, dependability and security in the fasteners, rivets and tooling products you purchase.

If you have any questions, call (972) 986-6792, email us at or request a consultation with our fastener experts.

Huck brand fastening and tooling

Huck Products Huck Resources
Huck – Huckbolts, Blind Rivets, Structural and Blind fasteners, BOMs, Pnuedraulic Riveters, and Hydraulic Powerigs.

POP Avdel brand fastening and tooling

POP Products POP Avdel Resources
POP Avdel – Open & Closed End Rivets, Multi-grips, Monobolts, Hand Rivet Tools and Powered Rivet Guns.

marson brand rivets & tooling

Marson Products Marson Resources
Marson – Fastening and Tooling includes Blind Rivets, Closed Ends, Tri-bulb, T-rivets, Rivet Nuts, Hand Tools, Riveters.

Gesipa brand fastening and tooling

Gesipa Products Gesipa Resources
Gesipa – Fastening and tooling: Metric Rivets, Rivet Guns & Tooling, Tri-Fold Rivets, Mega-Grip Rivets.


Sherex Products Sherex Resources
Sherex – Fastening and tooling: Wedge Locking Washers, Wedge Locking Nuts, Blind Rivet Nuts, Hand Tools.

Viking Drill and Tool

Viking Products Viking Resources
Viking – Fastening and tooling includes: Split Joint Drills, Sprial Point Taps, Straight Flute Hand Taps, Specialty Tools.


Silaprene Products Silaprene Resources
Silaprene – North America’s Premier Adhesive, Solid Seal Adhesive, Solid Bond.

Manus Bond products

Manus Bond Products Manus Bond Resources
Manus Bond – 75-AM UL, 65-B, Flex-Weld 15 Non-Sag, 73-A.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Products Ingersoll Rand Resources
Ingersoll Rand – Standard Duty Air Hammers, Power Tools: IR115, IR117, and IR121.

NSPA - National Standard Parts Association

NSPA Products NSPA Resources
NSPA – Brand of top quality sealed crimp and solder connectors.

Byler Rivet Supply

Byler Rivet Products Byler Rivet Resources
Byler Rivet – Blind Rivets, Drive Rivets, Eletrical Connectors, Fasteners.

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