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Tools & Parts

High-quality fastener and rivet tooling from top manufacturers.

  • Air Rivet Guns

    Air Rivet Guns

    We stock a wide range of Air Rivet Guns / Pneumatic Rivet Guns to set aluminum, steel and stainless blind rivets. In addition, we provide rivet gun rental, and are an authorized rivet ...

  • Hydraulic Rivet Tools

    Hydraulic Rivet Tools

    We stock hydraulic rivet tools such as Huck 3585, Huck 2480, Huck 2581, SF20 & more.  Used with Huck Power Rigs we provide nose assemblies, hoses and gauges to set the wide range ...

  • Hydraulic Power Rigs

    Hydraulic Power Rigs

    Hydraulic power units provide hydraulic power for your rivet guns.

  • Hand Tools

    Hand Tools

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks a variety of AVK Hand Tools.

  • Speed Fastening Tools

    Speed Fastening Tools

    POP Avdel Speed Fastening Tools are available for all your thin sheet metal applications.

  • Battery-Powered Cordless Rivet Guns

    Battery-Powered Cordless Riv...

    Get the Battery-Powered Cordless Rivet Guns that will last and get the job done from Gesipa, Huck (Huck Makita) and POP.

  • Solid Rivet Tooling

    Solid Rivet Tooling

    Our solid rivet tooling products set varying alloys and sizes of solid rivets.

  • Parts & Accessories

    Parts & Accessories

    Byler Rivet Supply has a wide range of rivet gun parts for repair needs or as spares, and tool accessories to keep you working and stop downtime!

  • Huck Truck Repair Kits

    Huck Truck Repair Kits

    Our Huck truck repair kits include Huckpsin, Huckspin 2, and Bobtail repair kits for truck frames.

  • Automatic Rivet Feeders

    Automatic Rivet Feeders

    With an Automatic Rivet Feeders your operators will spend more time Building quality assemblies and less time handling rivets!

  • Trailer Floor Screw Drill Tools

    Trailer Floor Screw Drill To...

    View our trailer floor screw drill tools.