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Byler Rivet

We only stock top-quality fasteners and rivets! Byler Rivet provides drill bits, drive rivets, electrical products, rivet tooling, solid rivets, threaded inserts and so much more! CALL (972) 986-6792.

  • Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts in steel alloy, varying sizes and 0.010 – 0.200 grip range.

  • Electrical Products

    Electrical Products

    Cables ties, electrical maintenance kits and tooling.

  • Blind Rivets

    Blind Rivets

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks automotive rivets: window regulator rivets, plastic rivets, glass stop rivets, and tri-fold rivets.

  • Drilling & Accessories

    Drilling & Accessories

    Drilling products and accessories in steel, cobalt & molybdenum grades. USA manufactered.

  • Drive Rivets

    Drive Rivets

    We carry a wide range of Drive Rivets, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2.

  • Floor Screws

    Floor Screws

    Torx Flat Head and Pan Head Floor Screws. Type T and Type F.

  • FRP & Rail Fasteners

    FRP & Rail Fasteners

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks a variety of FRP and Rail Fasteners. Call 972-986-6792 today for all your fastener needs.

  • Nylon Rivets

    Nylon Rivets

    Byler Rivet stocks a variety of nylon rivets: nylon tap-its, uni-taps and insulating drive rivets.

  • Rivet Gun Air Regulators

    Rivet Gun Air Regulators

    Air Regulators and In-line air regulators for rivet tools.

  • Solid Rivets & Tooling

    Solid Rivets & Tooling

    Solid Rivets & Semi-tubular Rivets in aluminum, steel, stainless, brass and copper alloys. Specialty rivet sets, clecos, & air hammers to set these.

  • Specialty Products

    Specialty Products

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks a variety of specialty products including door rivets, torx wafer drill quicks, keps nuts, and elevator bolts.