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Iconic brands POP and Avdel have joined forces and together have become the largest engineered structural and non-structural blind fastening provider in the world. The POP Avdel line includes: blind threaded Inserts, breakstem rivets, lockbolts, self piercing rivets, seal plugs, speed fastening and installation tools. Byler Rivet stocks POP rivets in aluminum, steel and stainless in a variety of headstyles.

As a top POP distributor, Byler Rivet also provides complete rivet gun repair, as well as spare parts, nose pieces and warranty work in-house. Byler Rivet’s resource section contains manuals, brochures and rivets charts for all your tooling & fastener questions with POP Avdel rivets and rivet guns.

All items are in stock at competitive prices and ready for shipment! CALL (972) 986-6792.