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Solid Rivets & Tooling

Solid Rivets & Semi-tubular Rivets in aluminum, steel, stainless, brass and copper alloys. Specialty rivet sets, clecos, & air hammers to set these.

  • Chuck Holders

    Chuck Holders

    Byler Rivet Supplys stocks Safety Chuck Holders.

  • Clecos & Cleco Pliers

    Clecos & Cleco Pliers

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks variety of Clecos / Cleco Pliers.

  • Retainer Springs

    Retainer Springs

    Retainer Springs are available for a variety of air hammer tools.  These are used in setting solid rivets.

  • Rivet Sets

    Rivet Sets

    Byler Rivet supplies rivet sets made with high-grade steel, and engineered with a blended radius and highly polished cup free of machine marks and ridges.  Unlike our competitors, ...

  • Rivet Squeezer Sets

    Rivet Squeezer Sets

    Available in various shank diameters and lengths.

  • Solid Rivets

    Solid Rivets

    Solid rivets in aluminum, steel & stainless. Brazier, countersunk, flat, round & universal head. 1/8" - 3/8" dia.