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Blind Rivets

Blind Rivets: POP rivets, Monobolts, Bulb-tites, Shave Head Rivets, Boms, Tri-folds, Magna-bulbs, Q-rivets, T-rivets, Hemloks, Automotive, and Peel Rivets.

  • Automotive Rivets

    Automotive Rivets

    Wide variety of Automotive Rivets Specialty Rivets for windows, doors & more. Window regulators, nylon rivets, grip-tite rivets & plastic rivets for your automotive fastener ...

  • BOM Rivets

    BOM Rivets

    BOM rivets do the work of up to 4 regular fasteners. One of the highest strength blind rivets on the market. Excellent for military vehicles, rail car assembly, auto suspensions & ...

  • Bulb-Tite Rivets

    Bulb-Tite Rivets

    Gesipa Bulbtite Rivets fold into three separate legs, forming a large backside surface on the blindside of the application. The BulbTite Rivet has a high clamp force in soft, thin, ...

  • Magna-Bulb Rivets

    Magna-Bulb Rivets

    The Huck Magna-bulb rivet bulbs in the back to spread the load over more surface area. This strong, pull-out resistance fastener is excellent for thin materials & oversized holes. ...

  • Metric Rivets

    Metric Rivets

    Byler Rivet stocks metric rivets from 3mm to 5mm in length. We provide aluminum steel metric rivets and all steel metric rivets. Call 866-GO RIVET.

  • Multi-Grip Rivets

    Multi-Grip Rivets

    Multi-Grip rivets have a wide grip range to replace several sizes of standard rivets. Best used in jobs that require multiple rivets due to material thickenesses. Reduce Inventory ...

  • Nail Type Blind Rivets

    Nail Type Blind Rivets

    Nail type blind rivets or pop rivets, are nail-like, non-structural fasteners with a mandrel that pulls up body when set to fill the hole. They are called blind because you do not need ...

  • Peel Rivets

    Peel Rivets

    Exploding Peel Rivets, look like a banana peel on the backside when installed. A blind rivet ideal for use in wood, insulation, plasterboard, and plastic materials. Available in a ...

  • Shaveable Rivets

    Shaveable Rivets

    Gesipa Shaveable Rivets or "Shavehead" rivets are a blind rivet with a solid rivet appearance. Installation is Simple! Just Pull, Snip & Shave!

  • Structural Breaksteam Rivets

    Structural Breaksteam Rivets

    Structural breakstem fasteners are designed where high shear and tensile strength are required. A structural breakstem blind rivet mandrel becomes an integral part of the placed fastener ...

  • Tri-Fold Rivets

    Tri-Fold Rivets

    Tri-Fold Gesipa blind rivets split into three legs on the backside of the job when set. The split legs in the back spread the load over a wider area to prevent pull-out. Ideal for ...

  • Closed End Blind Rivets

    Closed End Blind Rivets

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks closed-end blind rivets in all head styles and varying alloys, diameters and sizes. POP/Avdel is the brand of choice when choosing a closed-end rivet.  Sealed ...

  • Open End Blind Rivets

    Open End Blind Rivets

    Byler Rivet Supply stocks Marson & POP open end blind rivets in varying alloys, diameters, head styles and sizes.

  • Bulbing Rivets

    Bulbing Rivets

    Bulb-tites, trifolds, ktr -  klamp-tites and large secondary heads come in aluminum and steel. We stock bulbing rivets from these major manufacturers like Gesipa, Marson, POP, Avdel, ...