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Drill Bits

Byler Rivet stocks drill bits, insert bits, bit holders and drill bit sets in 15, 21, 26 & 29 pcs per set.

  • Cobalt Heavy Duty Drill Bits

    Cobalt Heavy Duty Drill Bits

    Cobalt steel permits 30% more speed over regular heavy duty drills.

  • Double Ended Drill Bits

    Double Ended Drill Bits

    Double Ended Drill Bits in a variety of sizes and alloys.

  • General Purpose Drill Bits

    General Purpose Drill Bits

    We supply general purpose drill bits for those regular applications where a stronger drill bit is not needed and at a lower cost than our super premium drill bits. Made of high-speed ...

  • Jobber Length

    Jobber Length

    Fractional and Number Sizes are available in black and cobalt in 1/16″ – 1/2″ fractional sizes and 1 – 30 number sizes.

  • Ultra-Cut Super Premium Drill Bits

    Ultra-Cut Super Premium Dril...

    Byler Rivet stocks ultra-cut super premium drill bits: screw machine, mechanics, jobber and extra-length, as well as double-ended and silver / deming drill bits. Competitive pricing! ...