Huck Rivet Guns and Tooling

Byler Rivet Supply stocks Huckbolt tooling, Huck blind rivet tools, Huck nose assemblies & spare parts for all Huck Guns. Hydraulic Rigs & Tools available. Huck Tool Repair In-House.

Huck Guns & Pneudraulic Air Tools
Pneudraulic Tools
Huck Pnuedraulic Air Guns pull blind rivets and Huck Bolts ranging from 3/16" to 3/8". Air driven, they operate by using oil pull and air return (oil over air).
Huck Power Rigs
Power Rigs
The Huck Power Rigs & Hydraulic Tooling work together to achieve high volume production.
Spare Parts
Spare Parts
We stock Huck spare parts! We can repair your Huck tools in-house. We are a Huck Authorized Service Center.

Huck Hydraulic Tools
Hydraulic Tools
Hydraulic Guns are designed for high volume production and can set small or large diameter fasteners. They are used with Huck Power Rigs.
Nose Assemblies
Nose Assemblies
Huck nose assemblies fit into the tool and ensures the proper installation of Huck fasteners.
Huck Fastening and Truck Repair Kits - 940 PowerRig Repair System
Huck Kits
Huck offers Truck Repair Kits for Truck frames. Huckspin, Huckspin2 and Bobtail Kits.

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