Olympic Rivets & Fasteners: Bulb-Tites

Byler Rivet Supply stocks Olympic Bulb-Tite Rivets & fasteners in a wide variety of head styles, alloys, diameters and grip ranges. Call 1-866-GO-RIVET today.

Dome Head Bulbtite Rivets (RV6603, RV6604)
Dome Head Bulbtite
RV6603 & RV6604 dome head series bulb tites have a raised crown on the head. Variety of rivet diameters available.
Shaveable Head Bulb-tite Rivets (RV6607)
Shave Head Bulb-tite Rivets
RV6607 shaveable rivet series is designed to look like a 3/16" solid brazier head rivet when installed. Aluminum alloy in stock!
Countersunk Head Bulbtite Rivets (RV6601, RV6676)
Countersunk Head Bulbtite
RV6601 and RV6671 bulb tite rivets are both 82 degree countersunk heads. Available in aluminum and steel slloy.

Low Profile Head Bulb-tites (RV6606, RV6676, RV6696)
Low Profile Head Bulb-Tite
RV6606, RV6676, RV6696 contain a recessed crown. Available in alumininum and steel alloys.
Large Flange Head Bulb-tites (RV6605)
Large Flange Head Bulbtite
RV6605 is often known as the "Butler Rivet." For metal buildings and other applications. In stock in aluminum alloy.
Flat Hd Bulb Tite (RV6602)
Flat Head Bulb-tite
RV6602 series has a flat, nail head appearance. Bulbing in the back. Available in aluminum alloy.

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