Blind Rivets, Multi-grip Rivets, Closed-end Rivets, Metric Nail Rivets,

Byler Rivet stocks nail rivets, Pop rivets, Multi-grip rivets, & blind rivets in stainless, aluminum, copper, & painted. Closed end rivets, Marson rivets, Metric Rivets, back-up Washers, and Umbrella rivet caps in stock too!

POP Open End Blind Rivets:  Nail Rivets
POP Open End Blind Rivets: Nail Rivets
In stock in aluminum, steel, & stainless with a variety of head styles to choose from.
Marson Klik-Fast Open-End Blind Rivets
Marson Klik-Fast "Open-End" Rivets
Klickfast break stem fasteners in aluminum, aluminum/steel, all steel, stainless/steel, all stainless and copper. Head Styles: Buttonhead, Large Flange, and Countersunk.
Metric Rivets
Metric Rivets
Available in 3mm, 4mm, & 5mm.

POP Closed End  Blind Rivets
POP Closed End Rivets
In stock in aluminum, steel, & stainless alloys.
POP Aluminum Mushroom Plugs
POP® Aluminum Mushroom Plugs
Mushroom plugs are aluminum caps that fit on top of 3/16" pop rivets.
Back-Up Washers
Back-Up Washers
Available in aluminum & steel.

Multi-grip Rivets & Stavex Rivets
Multi-grip Rivets & Stavex Rivets
Multi-grips wide grip range replace the need for various rivet sizes.

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